One Seater Sofa - Natural White

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Single Seater Sofa - Natural White Summer time! Sit back and relax in Island One Seater, ready for warm summer nights. Smile, breathe and take it easy...

This product is produced by several families (workers in the home industry). Dimensions may vary due to material sourcing and different interpretations by people who make the products. The wood is untreated on delivery, please protect it according to the intended use.

Dimension : 70 cm length, 80 cm width, 74 cm height

Materials : Teak has a high content of protective oil, making it able to last a lifetime. It can even withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. It is a beautiful natural material that can be used both indoors and outdoors (covered) One-Seater Sofa - Natural White . Teak branches are branches collected from trees. These branches are either found or left behind by other furniture makers. Teak root comes from the trunk of the tree and is obtained from fallen teak trees. Note that the teak trees are not felled for production!

The local sunbrella is a fabric that can be used outdoors in covered spaces One-Seater Sofa - Natural White. We advise you to store the cushions when you are not using your furniture for a while, especially on rainy days and when in contact with wood. The interior foam is regular foam - not quick drying - so if you use it outdoors (and not in covered outdoor areas as recommended) it can absorb water.

Maintenance : How to treat our outdoor furniture :

Our outdoor furniture can withstand the weather, but best in overcast conditions. To ensure it stays nice and clean, please follow these instructions. Don't leave cushions outside when it rains, bring them inside. Store furniture during the winter. When bringing furniture outside after winter, it is best to treat it accordingly. Are there black spots on the wood? This can be easily removed with a pressure washer or sandpaper. Treat the furniture with an antifungal then apply a wood oil of your choice.

Teak root - Teak branch - Teak wood

You can use a cloth with warm water and mild soap to clean your teak furniture. Be sure to wipe off all soap residue after cleaning and allow the wood to dry properly. If there are stains, gently remove them. Do not use a sponge as this can scratch the wood. If you want a longer lasting maintenance and protect your teak wood furniture, you can use teak oil to waterproof it and prevent stains. If you polish your One Seater Sofa - Natural White teak root wood , you get a nice golden color. Exposed to the elements, the color of teak root wood will fade to a silver gray hue.


Regularly brushing off dirt or dust is the best way to keep the sunbrella clean. If you have stains on your fabric, you can clean it with warm water and a mild soap. Do not scrub liquid spills! Be sure to wipe off any soap residue afterwards. The fabric can simply dry outside in the sun.

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