Natural Blue Cushion Cover

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Natural Blue Cushion Cover Natural Blue Cushion Cover BAZAR BIZAR.

Natural Blue Cushion Cover A must-have villa-style home! Our raffia fringe cushion adds a beautiful element of texture to your upholstery. An essential piece to add a bohemian touch to your interior, garden or terrace. Endless possibilities...

Inner cushion not included!

Color : Blue, Natural

Dimensions : 

  • 30cm long x 50cm wide
  • 50cm long x 50cm wide

Inner cushion included : No

Materials : Cotton is a natural fiber used to make soft and breathable textiles. It can be recycled and recovered, but it is sensitive to light and heat.

Our cotton undergoes special treatments to come out extremely soft and durable.

Raffia is made from raffia palms found in Africa, Madagascar but also in parts of Central and South America. Due to the natural resin, raffia is extremely durable. It makes every piece flexible and supple so that beautiful pieces can be created.

Care : Cotton should be washed in cold water and preferably hand washed; it helps to keep the color. You can use a washing machine but make sure the temperature does not exceed 30°C.
Using hot water can cause the cotton to shrink.
It is best to air dry on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight if possible.

The best way to clean products made from raffia, such as Natural Blue Cushion Cover rugs, is to hang them outside in the fresh air.
If you stain it, clean it as soon as possible. Water can remove stains that haven't had a chance to soak into the fibers. If you use water on the raffia, let it dry in the sun before using it again. If it is still damp, there is a risk that it will mold.
Raffia is a natural fiber, so don't use harsh chemicals on stains.

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