Natural Herbal Lampshade “Chalki Table”

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Discover the subtle fusion between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design with the “Chalki Table” Natural Herbal Lampshade.

Each piece is carefully made from natural herbarium, offering a soft and warm luminosity, while creating a unique atmosphere for your interior.

Color : Natural

Dimensions : 30 cm length x 30 cm width x 45 cm height

Recommended bulb: LED

Materials : Seagrasses live in the coastal waters of most continents.

  • Sea grass is unique because it is the only flowering plant that can live underwater.
  • Dried sea grass makes beautiful furniture.
  • Artisans hand-weave seagrass furniture when the plants are still green. Once the sea grass dries, the furniture loses its green color, becomes firm and is ready for use.

Maintenance : The exterior of the Natural Grass Lampshade is smooth and sparkling, greatly simplifying its maintenance. Simply run a soft cloth gently along the rows to remove any dust or dirt. If necessary, a light steaming helps straighten the seagrass.

Directions for use: To guarantee the durability of the Natural Grass Lampshade, we suggest that you favor indoor use for your seagrass furniture.

Furthermore, if you take it outside, be sure to protect it from rain or bad weather. Indeed, exposure to water could cause deterioration, given the organic nature of the material. Likewise, direct sunlight could weaken and dull the vibrant color of seagrass.

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