Raffia Bench - Natural Elegance

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Raffia Bench - Natural Elegance Add this elegant BAZAR BIZAR raffia stool to your indoor or covered outdoor room. Ideal for a summer atmosphere!

This product is made by several different families from their homes. The appearance of each individual design may vary slightly from that photographed for this site.

Dimension : 60 cm length, 28 cm width, 45 cm height

Materials : Teak is a tropical hardwood found in India and Southeast Asia, which we obtain from the overgrowth of rainforest soils. Teak has a high protective oil content, which makes it capable of lasting a lifetime. It can even withstand extreme temperatures and humidity Raffia Bench - Natural Elegance. It is a beautiful natural material that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Teak branches are branches collected from trees. These branches are either found or left behind by other furniture makers. Teak root comes from the trunk of the tree and is obtained from fallen teak trees. Note that the teak trees are not felled for production!

raffia is made from raffia palms found in Africa, Madagascar but also in parts of Central and South America. Due to the natural resin, raffia is extremely durable. It makes every piece flexible and supple so that beautiful pieces can be created.

Maintenance : Y ou can use a cloth with lukewarm water and mild soap to clean your teak furniture. Be sure to wipe off all soap residue after cleaning and allow the wood to dry properly. If there are stains, gently remove them. Do not use a sponge as this can scratch the wood. If you want a longer lasting maintenance and protect your teak wood furniture, you can use teak oil to waterproof it and prevent stains. If you polish your teak root wood, you get a nice golden color. Exposed to the elements, the color of teak root wood will fade to a silver gray hue.


The best way to clean raffia products, such as rugs, is to hang them out in the fresh air. If you stain it, clean it as soon as possible. Water can remove stains that have not had a chance to seep into the fibers Raffia Bench - Natural Elegance. If you use water on the raffia, let it dry in the sun before using it again. If it is still damp, there is a risk that it will mold. Raffia is a natural fiber, so don't use harsh chemicals on stains.

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