Coconut Basket - Natural - Set of 2

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Coconut Shell Basket - Natural - Set of 2 The BAZAR BIZAR coconut shell basket is originally used as an offering box, completely handmade by Balinese artisans with love and care. Made from coconut and bamboo. They are used in Bali during religious ceremonies to contain offerings to the gods, transformed into decorative objects these boxes will add a touch of authenticity and exoticism to your decoration. Place them on a shelf as an eye-catcher in your bathroom, bedroom or nursery. Perfect for storing your jewelry or small precious items that you never want to lose. A nice gift for a loved one!

Color : Natural

Dimensions : 

  • 20cm long x 20cm wide x 15cm high (Piece 1)
  • 24 cm long x 24 cm wide x 15 cm high (Part 2)

Pieces Included : 2 pieces

Materials : Bamboo is known for its strength, durability and smooth texture. It can last for many years if you take good care of it.

Coconut is a very strong fiber. Most products are made from coconut fibers, and these come from the shell of the coconut. Other great benefits of coconut are that it absorbs sound and insulates heat.

Care : You can dust or wipe down your bamboo furniture with water or a product specifically designed for wooden furniture Coconut Basket - Natural - Set of 2. Use a mild cleanser so as not to damage the finish or shine bamboo.

Avoid placing bamboo furniture next to heating, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, this dries out the bamboo.
Bamboo furniture is recommended for indoor use only. If you place it outside, treat it with an exterior sealer to protect the bamboo. Pick a shady spot and somewhere where the rain can't reach it.
It is important to note that coconut absorbs a lot of moisture and is a fire hazard. So do not place your coconut objects on damp or stain-prone areas.
We recommend that you treat your products with a preventative stain treatment to protect the coconut fibers.

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